Confront Yourself

About The Course

The CHAOS CHALLENGE is the only TRUE one of a kind adventure race. You will be faced with life and death military simulations and obstacles which will test your mental strength and physical stamina. The course revolves around 15 military scenarios that produce the true to life gut feeling that you only find in times of war! How you react to the situation will determine your outcome in the course. Every participants course experience will be different and that is what makes stand apart from all the others- the ability to choose your destiny!

Different course lengths available so you can choose your level of physical endurance; however the mental challenge and 15 simulation points will be the same for both distances. For both the 5K 10K course options you will not be timed, just try to stay alive! Just as life goes... you will never know what's around the corner! Prepare yourself mentally and physically!


Reward Yourself

About The Weekend

The only thing more fun than participating in The CHAOS CHALLENGE is participating in the CHAOTIC WEEKEND. Stay close to the festivities on site at the Chaos campground, and listen to the Chaos Concert Series every night. Everyone is invited to participate in the weekend, so bring your friends to cheer you on, just don't be mad if they have more fun than you! We will have plenty of entertainment live music, food and drinks galore!

You can stay on site with a car, RV, or tent. We will have primitive campgrounds with porta-potties and semi-private showers available for campers and course participants. You are welcome to bring food and drinks for the camping area. Fido is also welcome if you clean up after him and he must remain on the leash at all times.

Decision Point

Choose Your Fate!

Email us for a description of each decision point at

  • Kill House
  • Hooch Village
  • Toon Tower
  • Whiskey Outpost
  • Forest Lake
  • City North
  • City South
  • SAM Site
  • Air Strip
  • Fuel Depot
  • Comm. Site
  • Lost Hope